What adventures we experienced before we were able to celebrate this historic qualification for the RLRS.

We are the first 100% Swiss team to qualify for the second best league in Europe !

As the Play-In (the RLRS qualifying tournament) was initially scheduled for Sunday, February 2nd, our players had travelled to Geneva all weekend to train on Saturday, and play the qualifiers on Sunday. Unfortunately, Psyonix decided to postpone the qualifications by one week due to server problems.

This small setback did not prevent our Swiss players from qualifying for the RLRS after more than 9 hours of competition, and in the last game of the last BO5 for the very last qualifying place! Unbearable suspense for the more than 40'000 spectators connected to Twitch that evening (complete qualifying bracket).

What's on the menu for MirrorWing, Yagi and Zaphare now that they're in the RLRS? They are part of the 10 teams that will compete over a month and a half to try to win a place in the RLCS, the highest league in Europe (with teams such as Vitality, Dignitas or FC Barcelona). The first 6 teams at the end of this season stay in the RLRS for the next season while the last 4 teams are automatically relegated and have to go through the qualification process again!

We warmly recommend Liquipedia which gives you all the information about the RLRS (teams, schedule, ranking, etc)

Zaphare, MirrorWing and Yagi. will need all of you on the competition stream for their grand premiere tonight! Right there:  https://www.twitch.tv/rocketleague 

The whole structure is extremely proud of the progress made by our three talents and thanks the whole Swiss esports scene for its support!